EPISTEME - Revolutionize Requirements Management

Episteme solves the problem of keeping one source of truth for requirements for small projects. We are building the right change and requirements management tool for small to medium size project teams.  Episteme is for:

  • Product Managers/Owners
  • Business/Systems Analysts
  • Systems Engineers
  • and so many others

Checkout the video to see the progress made on Episteme. Continue to check back to see how the product evolves as we revolutionize Requirements Engineering in the Washington D.C. metro area.

subscription plans

Basic Plan

  • Manage projects (groups of features)
  • Manage features
  • Manage scenarios 
  • Manage scenario rules, constraints, etc.
  • Manage Data Elements
  • Export scenarios, rules and data elements.

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Intermediate Plan

Basic Plan +     

  • Manage non-functional requirements
  • Manage federal, state and local municipalities regulations, i.e. NIST 800-100 IT Security 
  • Copy projects, features and scenarios from shared projects
  • Search shared projects, features, scenarios, constraints and data elements 
  • Basic CAVES-D Intelligence 
  • Issue management integration i.e. JIRA, RALLY,   etc.
  • Detailed change management

Spring 2019

Advanced Plan

Intermediate Plan +


  • Interactive Roadmap
  • Data modeling integration 
  • Impact analysis tool
  • User interface workflow 
  • Gherkin code generation 
  • Machine learning

Winter 2019

Episteme - Revolutionize IT Requirements Management

Manage Scenarios and Use Cases in one location


Clearly document the flow of events using Orca Intelligence's CAVES-D methodology: Create, Audit, View, Edit, Search and Delete. 

Use Existing Scenarios from pre-loaded use case templates


Why create a scenario from scratch? Episteme comes with scenario templates.

Manage Rules, Data Elements & Performance Requirements


Manage government regulations and requirements specific to the constraints of any business process. Add data elements and non-functional requirements for additional requirements details.

Interactive Roadmap


Use our roadmap to view the status of features and use case scenarios. 

Integration with Atlassian Products


Integrate with JIRA to create user stories and manage the process of each use case scenario.

Perform Impact Analysis


Analyze the impact of a change to a system to identify the potential consequences of a change, or estimate modifications to accomplish a change.